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Get Your Questions Answered on Wednesday

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By Mayor Tammy

The City of Meridian is going “Unplugged” at the next Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 6:30pm – 8:00pm, at Cole Valley Christian High School (200 E. Carlton Ave)! What do we mean by this? Well, we simply want you, our residents, to set the agenda for the meeting. We want to hear from you! This is your chance to share what’s on your mind with myself and other City leaders.

We’ve already received questions about whether or not Costco is planning to build in Meridian – and we’ll respond to this and other questions you might have at the Town Hall. You may also be curious about what’s happening in Downtown Meridian, or maybe you’ve checked out our new financial transparent site called OpenGov and have some budget questions for us? We will be armed and ready with answers!

There’s no better way to make a City stronger than to get residents and City leaders in one room talking about the items that are at the forefront of their minds. To submit a question, simply email Jodi St-Martin, our Community Liaison at jst-martin@meridiancity.org. This will give us an opportunity to be prepared to bring information that might be helpful in addressing the question. Or, simply ask your question at the event that night or via the City of Meridian’s Twitter or Facebook pages (@MeridianIdaho).

Several of our City departments will have booths set up with information about upcoming events, activities and future amenities such as Meridian’s three new parks that are currently under construction. You will also have the opportunity to participate in our City Survey, an important tool we are using to gather citizen feedback regarding City services and the community.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, don’t worry because we’re not only recording the Town Hall, but we will also be live streaming the meeting. So even if you are unable to attend in person, but have a question, you can send it to us ahead of time and check out the answer via the live or recorded stream. You can find it by visiting our homepage (www.meridiancity.org) or click here.

Please come out and join us – even if you don’t have questions or a certain topic you want us to discuss. It will definitely be an “Unplugged” night full of information regarding our wonderful community.

I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Town Hall - April 2017

Do The Right on April 12

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By Mayor Tammy

 You are all invited to join us for Do The Right Day on Wednesday, April 12, 2017! Two years ago the City of Meridian, with the help of many partners, launched Do The Right – one day to start a movement of compassion by encouraging residents to do something kind for the person to their right - neighbors, family members, coworkers, or classmates. With bullying and other negativity so prevalent in today’s culture, we began a mission to encourage people to put a smile on the face of someone else with a nice word, simple note, gift, or act of service.  The success of this event over the past two years has been amazing with an overwhelming response from the community.  We distributed 7,500 #DoTheRight stickers last year and social media was packed with pictures from all over Meridian – even reaching other communities in the state and as far away as Texas!

The City was moved to do something to spur a movement of compassion and kindness after discussing bullying and teen suicide with our Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.  It is something that definitely affects teens in our community and adults as well. That’s why we decided to make this an annual event for our city. You never know how one act of kindness can change someone’s life! We live in a giving and compassionate community and we want to keep it that way. This world is full of criticism and negativity and it’s time to focus on the positive.

I’m looking forward to participating in Do The Right and I am hopeful that all of you will join me!  You can take part by doing an act of kindness for the person to your right – it may be a cup of coffee for your coworker, a nice note for your classmate or even offering a helping hand to your neighbor - just let them know they matter.

For more information about the event, visit our website, www.meridiancity.org/dotheright.  We also have postcards you can download on that site to spread kind messages. Thanks for being a part of this movement and feel free to share your experience on April 12, 2017 on social media with the hashtag #DoTheRight. Let’s start a movement of compassion that carries on throughout the valley!

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Springtime in #MyMeridian!

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By Mayor Tammy

After the non-traditional winter we just encountered, I’m sure most of you are with me in cheering on the arrival of spring!

This is such a beautiful and active time in our community! Every spring kicks off with the Mayor Tammy’s Walking Club – a great time for me to walk with local elementary students, encouraging them to establish healthy habits at a young age. We also have partnered with Fleet Feet Meridian on a new event every Monday here at Meridian City Hall. People of all ages and fitness levels are invited to Meridian Mondays, a social run/walk from 6pm-7pm. With the warmer temperatures, it’s a great time to get active and enjoy Meridian’s outdoor space!

One of my favorite events of the year is always held at the beginning of spring – ‘Do The Right’ Day (April 12). It’s one day set aside to encourage community members to do something kind for the person to your right. It’s a movement of compassion designed to carry on throughout the entire year!

Also in April - Unplug and Be Outside week (April 22-29), and this year’s event is bigger and better than ever!  The community is invited to the kickoff celebration for Unplug Week on Saturday, April 22 at Storey Park from 11am-3pm. This is a great time to pick-up our schedule of family friendly activities taking place throughout the week. Also at the kickoff event – a bike rodeo and helmet fitting and jump rope lessons from the popular Summerwind Skippers. The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) will be there with a healthy demonstration along with many other vendors. For more information about this event and the activities throughout the week visit www.meridiancity.org/unplug.

New this spring is the Paws in the Park Dog Fair on May 20. Storey Bark Park has become a very popular gathering place for our community so it seemed appropriate to celebrate with a new event! Those who attend will have the opportunity to get a free, one-year City of Meridian dog license. This is important because licensed dogs make it easier to reunite dog owners with lost dogs. The event also includes K9 demos, vendors, music, food, beverages, dogs for adoption, and prizes.

Our Parks and Recreation crews are busy with events, and the construction of three new parks.  Soon we will celebrate the groundbreaking of Hillsdale Park – and two other parks, Reta Huskey and the Keith Bird Legacy Park are also under construction. These three parks are scheduled to open later this year!

It’s sure to be an eventful spring for our community – I look forward to seeing you out and about – enjoying all that our City has to offer!

For more information on City of Meridian events, visit www.meridiancity.org/events.

#HealthyMeridian Challenge

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By Mayor Tammy

As the Mayor of Meridian I am constantly looking for more ways to get fit in our community! In fact, we just started up a new program called Meridian Mondays with Fleet Feet Meridian - it has been a blast to connect with other people of all fitness levels and get active in our beautiful downtown!

Now I’m gearing up for the 3rd annual Mayor Tammy Walking Club! This has been an extraordinary project! Every Fall and Spring I walk with area elementary schools. Last year 69-hundred students walked over 165-thousand miles! That’s equal to 6.7 times around the earth!

So this year I’m turning to you – the community! I want you to join us in getting active this spring – the #HealthyMeridian iniative! I challenge you to find a walking route near your home, in one of our amazing parks or on our pathways, or indoors if necessary. I’m also planning to bring some community leaders on board – who along with the Meridian City Council will be joining me at my Walking Club events.

Let’s team up to get healthy - show us what you are doing to get active! Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #HealthyMeridian - because let’s face it - a #HealthyMeridian is a happy Meridian!

Meridian Mondays is held every Monday, 6pm - 7pm, at Meridian City Hall - it is a social run/walk designed for people of all fitness levels. The group also enjoys food and beverages at a local restaurant following the run/walk.

A Needed Transportation Option for Residents

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 By Mayor Tammy

As I meet with citizens or gather feedback through our citywide surveys – one of the number one issues that always surfaces is public transportation. Not everyone needs it, but it is essential for those who do. The City of Meridian has contributed to several different options which have included an express or commuter service and a limited route service. We worked with Valley Regional Transit (VRT) for months on a service that would address a great need to our seniors and persons with disabilities. I’m pleased to announce the latest partnership that launched called Harvest Transit!

Valley Regional Transit has partnered with Harvest Church in Meridian to pilot the Lifestyle Transportation option for Meridian residents. This new on-demand service is designed to address the daily transportation needs of seniors and those with disabilities. It provides a reliable, direct, and easy to-use service. The service includes one driver for the north region and one for the south region of the community. An accessible vehicle is used to transport individuals, free of charge, to any location within Meridian – with a connection if needed to the south and north areas of service.

Service hours are from 9am-3pm, Monday-Saturday and are directly operated by Harvest Church.

The City of Meridian has contributed financial support of $60,000 for the program’s implementation and first year of operations in order to meet the needs of our community. Other revenues are also helping to fund the program through transportation grants.

Eventually this is a service that will operate valley-wide, with implementation of approximately nine service areas in Ada County, four areas in Canyon County, and eight areas in the surrounding rural areas by 2021.

I appreciate the feedback I’ve received from citizens, highlighting this component as something that is needed in our community. For this reason, we are able to come together, with the support of community partnerships, to make it a reality. As a community we need to continue to work on making transportation accessible for all – so it’s easier for everyone to get around Meridian and enjoy all that it has to offer!

For more information including contact numbers to arrange for a ride, visit www.harvestransit.com.

Check Out The Annual Report!

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By Mayor Tammy

Following my State of the City address, we released the City of Meridian's Annual Report.  While hard copies were provided to those who attended, it is now available online for the community to enjoy! I would encourage all residents to take a look at this document. It includes information about the work of our City employees and Departments in a variety of different areas.
The Annual Report helps you see what we've accomplished over the past year in such areas as public safety, community and economic development, public works and parks and recreation thanks to our "Top 16 of 2016" section.  You can also read about what's "On the Horizon," with a look at projects ahead in 2017.  And if you are more into numbers, then check out an overview of the City's budget.
The City of Meridian is thriving. Take a look here and see for yourself.

A Banner Year for #MyMeridian

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As we usher in this new year, I’m focused on preparing my State of the City address. We are a thriving community with much to celebrate!

2016 was a banner year for Meridian – a year that began with big news as Governor Butch Otter announced the state’s first medical school would be built in Meridian. I’m excited to bring you more details about the proposed Idaho College of Medicine’s plans for 2017.

This past year we welcomed many new businesses to Downtown Meridian including The Vault, Gallery Coffee and Blue Sky Bagels. The Meridian Boys and Girls Club ribbon cutting for a new gymnasium and teen center in our downtown was an unforgettable moment for our community—furthering our commitment to youth in Meridian.

We added more recreation amenities! We recently celebrated the grand re-opening of the Homecourt facility off Franklin road which gives residents more options for indoor recreation.  Tully Park received a new addition that has residents excited and it was instantly a success—an outdoor gym (pictured below)! It was a unique project lead by the next generation—the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. Looking ahead to 2017, the Meridian Parks and Recreation department will be busy, with three new parks planned to open. I’ll have more information about these parks, including a special name marked for one, in my State of the City address.

We also saw businesses expand in 2016. AmeriBen held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new company headquarters at Ten Mile, and there’s more to come! I’m excited to tell you more about the plan in that area, regarding mixed use developments and what we can expect to see in 2017 - big things are coming!!

Finally, this year we celebrated a unique partnership called “The Hill” in South Meridian—that includes a combination of education, health, and recreation with the Treasure Valley Family YMCA, the West Ada School District, the City and St. Luke’s. 

So what’s next? We have many projects to build upon in 2017. Please join me for this year’s State of the City address to learn more about what’s in store for our community.  We also have the Taste of Meridian following my address. It’s a chance to sample some of the great restaurants that call Meridian home. I look forward to seeing you February 8th at 3:59pm. 

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