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Human Resources Introduction

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The Meridian City Attorney/Human Resources/IT office is the only one of its kind in the State of Idaho.  We are the only combined Legal, Human Resources, IT department among the more than 200 cities in Idaho. We have found, in the nearly 5 years of the existence that we can provide greater service to our customers with both the Legal and personnel needs combined with 1 Director.  We also have IT and Risk Management within our department so the Mayor, City Council, and the value to the public are greater by combining all the services under one roof.   The City has truly gained the value of a cohesive work team to meet the growing demands of a City of more than 75,000 people.  We have been on the edge of the rapid expansive growth and found with the services in-house and combined we could provide greater value on a daily basis at a lesser cost that contracting out the same services.  We are proud to serve our citizens and city personnel on a daily basis.  We believe we are the model for other cities to copy.


We are located on the 3rd floor of City Hall.  Stop by to visit sometime.


Chief Ron Anderson: Meridian Fire Department

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Hi my name is Ron Anderson.  I’ve been involved with the fire service for 32 years and counting.  I began my career in 1977 as a volunteer firefighter with the Cole-Collister Fire Protection District in Boise, later re-named to North Ada County Fire & Rescue.  I was hired as a full-time firefighter with Nampa Fire Department in 1981 and worked as a Firefighter, Driver/Operator, Training Officer, Division Chief, and Assistant Chief before being appointed to Fire Chief of Nampa in 1999. During my time in Nampa, I was a member of the State of Idaho Region III Hazardous Materials Team and served as Team Leader from 1993-1999. As a former Training Officer, I am very passionate when it comes to training and the need for quality programs that challenge our personnel to increase their competencies. While Chief, the Nampa Fire Department built its first combination police/fire sub-station, implemented an advanced life-support paramedic engine company program, and lowered its I.S.O. rating to a class 2. 


In April of 2005 I was offered the position of Fire Chief with the City of Meridian and as a long-time Meridian resident and graduate of Meridian High School, I was thrilled to accept the position. During my short tenure at Meridian, our Department has upgraded our emergency medical service to include advance life support paramedics, built 2 additional Fire Stations, designed and built a State of the Art Training Tower and most recently lowered the City of Meridians insurance ISO Rating from a Class “4” to a “3”. I am energized by the challenges presented in a growing city like Meridian and look forward to the opportunity to finish out my career working for my hometown.


As Fire Chief of Meridian, my job responsibilities range from but are not limited to planning, organizing, coordinating and administering all activities and programs of the fire department; providing advice and guidance to the City Administration in fire service related issues; fostering cooperative working relationships with citizen groups and other agencies on fire matters.  My objective as Fire Chief is to provide comprehensive emergency medical, fire prevention, inspection, suppression, hazardous materials and related services.  I am responsible for developing and implementing fire service policies, goals, objectives and work standards for the department.  I also direct the preparation of the department’s budget and monitor departmental expenditures.


The Meridian Fire Department formed in 1908 and currently has 5 fire stations, strategically located around the city.  The department responds to emergency calls in a 54 sq. mile jurisdiction serving a population of approximately 85,000 residents.  In addition to the 5 fire stations, the department facilities include a 4-story training tower and Fire Education Safety Center.  We currently employee 54 full time firefighters and 15 part-time on call personnel.  The management team consists of a Deputy Chief of Prevention, Deputy Chief of Operations and a Deputy Chief of EMS, Fire Inspector, Public Safety Education Specialist and 2 Administrative Secretarial Staff.  Meridian Fire responded to 4,243 calls for service in 2008.   


Meridian Police Blog

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The Meridian Police Department recognizes the importance of a great web site and has anxiously awaited new software to update our portion of the City web site. The internet, texting, blogging, and social networking have become the primary means of communication for our younger generation.  I see them as the experts in our digital age and welcome their feedback and suggestions for improvement as we launch our new web site this week.
Your police department consists of 80 sworn officers and 26 support personnel dedicated to serving the citizens of Meridian. Our organizational structure is divided into three separate areas: Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Community Services. It is my intent to introduce each division to you separately over the next several months through this blog. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Chief's office at 846-7370 or mpd@meridiancity.org.
Meridian Dairy Days and the fireworks on the 4th of July are two major events that your police department, along with many other dedicated organizations, has worked these past few months to ensure a safe and fun environment. We join the community in celebrating and wish you an evening of fun.
Chief Jeff Lavey


Enhancing Your Online Experience

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When we set out to redesign the City’s website we did so with the intention of doing much more than simply giving it a face lift. We wanted to make it user-friendly and provide our citizens with the best possible online experience.


To do this we recognized the need to improve the “backbone” of the system. This allows us to have features that you have asked for — mobile updates using RSS feeds, additional online tools, and the ability for you to customize your online interests.


We also recognize that our citizens receive information from many different sources, including social networking sites.


That is why we have created a City of Meridian presence on Facebook and will be using Twitter to keep you updated. You can sign up to receive updates on what is going on in the City. You can also follow the Mayor on Facebook to see what she is doing to serve our citizens and move our community from good to great.


We encourage you to explore our new website and see all it has to offer. Find the City and make it an integral part of your social networking experience. 


We are working to do all we can to keep you informed and connected to this great community. The next step, to take advantage of these opportunities, is up to you!