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3rd Graders at Paramount Elementary School are “Thirsty for Water” Knowledge

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On May 17, 2010, Steve Maneck, Industrial Pretreatment Manager for the City of Meridian, engaged seventy-five 3rd grade students at Paramount Elementary School in the importance of protecting our water, conserving water at home, and preventing pollutants from entering our stormwater runoff.


The students brainstormed ideas on how to protect our water resources in Meridian.  They learned where our drinking water comes from, and what happens to it once it is used.  The classroom presentations consisted of interactive story board posters, educational workbooks and a take-home assignment to quiz their parents and family.  A reusable handled bag was provided to each student, filled with recycled content goodies, stickers, and helpful educational materials.


Environmental education is critical for promoting sustainability and improving the capacity of people – of all ages -  to understand our environmental issues from multiple perspectives thereby increasing awareness, critical thinking skills, and recognizing that large positive results begin from small, individual behavior changes” states Mollie Mangerich, Environmental Division Programs Manager.  Of course, there is the pure fun factor of getting out into our schools and community.  When we can move our audience from saying “yuck!” to “wow!” – we know we’ve done a pretty good job” she concludes.



Workbooks illustrate, in a fun and visually-appealing way, the miles  of pipes, number of pumps, equipment and technologies necessary to  create clean water from waste water!


 Steve Maneck’s school presentations were part of the City of Meridian’s “Public Works Week” which included a variety of large equipment demonstrations, educational booths, fun activities, free food and live music at City Hall.

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