City Council - David Zaremba

City Council Vice President - David Zaremba  

David Zaremba was appointed to the post by Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd on December 19, 2006, to fill a vacancy left by a departing council member. He was elected to a four year term in November of 2007.

Zaremba, a retired transportation consultant, served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for five years, serves as an alternate board member for Valley Regional Transit and has served on the Meridian Transportation Task Force.

Among his highest priorities is transportation, specifically issues such as neighborhood walkability and a future light-rail system. He also plans to push for planned development, including mixed-use buildings and strategies to attract employers. He would like to see Meridian be home to a community college as well.


To contact David Zaremba:
Phone: 208-489-0529
Address: 33 E. Broadway Avenue
Meridian, Idaho 83642