Issues and Priorities

The City of Meridian is a creative, caring and involved community. Under the Mayor's leadership City leaders take bold action to be a partner to diversify our economy, train our workforce, assure lifelong learning and growth opportunities for all, and most importantly have safe and active neighborhoods in an attractive and sustainable environment.  Working with these partners, we are creating a stronger and healthier Meridian to achieve our vision which is to be a vibrant and caring community that promotes itself as a premier place to live, work, and raise a family.

Poised and ready to 'step up' to tomorrow's challenges today, means  we are meeting the expectations of our taxpayers, business owner, homemaker, senior citizen, and students as they work to accomplish their goals, and making hard decisions when needed.

To meet these needs, Mayor De Weerd is constantly working to ensure that Meridian can be the most innovative, prosperous, and health community of its size.  To help reach that goal, Mayor De Weerd's priorities for Meridian are:


    Settlers Park Sidewalks