We have made great strides over the last several years working with our local and state transportation agencies to create a viable network of roadways in our community in order to allow more time at home for families, not on the roads.  While the City does not have control over the roadways in Meridian, we do play an active role working with the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) as they are the roads and maintenance providers. We now have a formal entryway into our community with the completion of the Meridian Interchange. Other large projects we've seen complete in the past few years include: The Split Corridor which improved traffic and infrastructure in Downtown Meridian; the Ten Mile Interchange; the Locust Grove overpass, the extension of Pine Avenue, and numerous intersection improvements from 4 way stops to traffic signals. These are all great examples of public and private partnerships to move our citizens from point a to point b in the most effective manner.  


Our next are of focus is the Chinden-20/26 expansion project. This needed capacity improvement will: reduce congestion, improve safety, and create economic opportunity. We have pulled together a work group serious to have ‘One Voice’ focused on improving this corridor and bringing it up to its full potential. Our call to action is for ITD to program funds to design and construct additional travel lanes and widen intersections starting at Eagle Road and working west. We have growing interest by community partners, ACHD, our county and neighboring cities. Soon you can get updates on our efforts via Facebook and Nextdoor! 

In addition to roadways, we are finding ways to move citizens through the community on safe and connected pathway systems.  The Parks and Recreation Commission have prioritized pathway segments for completion.  Their work is dividing future pathway improvement into two categories: driven by development, or City-driven.  We will be working with the YMCA to identify needed improvements to keep safe routes to school a priority.  You can view Meridian s Pathways Master Plan by clicking here.

Pathway Family Walk

We also continue to keep our focus on a Rail with Trail program -- a pedestrian and bicycle pathway along the rail corridor within our area of impact.  This is seven and a half miles of corridor that would connect key employment areas from Eagle Road in the east, to downtown/old town, then west to the Ten Mile and McDermott area.  By connecting these three critical economic areas of our community with a continuous pathway system, we will be able to create synergistic uses along the rail lines showing how moving people and moving goods are compatible, in addition to, the economic benefits of both.