Responsive Government


The City has adopted the Meridian Way , building on our culture of service to let our customers know what they can expect from their City.  The Meridian Way is to provide CARE to our community in a timely, friendly, professional, and solution oriented manner. 


By putting Meridian first we can ensure that we share the same values and principles as the residents to make certain the city government is a reflection of the Meridian community values.  With our core principles of accountability, respect, and excellence, each employee is accountable for their actions and performance, our customers are treated as unique individuals, and city government is more efficient.   Having a strong vision for a responsive government that listens and responds to its citizens, being fiscally conservative, transparent, innovative, and solution oriented for current problems and future opportunities, and building relationships to truly connect to citizens, it creates a clear vision for the future of Meridian.

Communicating with the community is an important focus of having a responsive government.  In 2013 we established a kiosk desk in City Hall which is staffed by citizen volunteers to help provide citizens with access to the information they need when they first come into their building.  The volunteers who performed this service were part of the more than 30,000 volunteer hours to our City.

In addition, we expanded citizen services at City Hall with the addition of offering passport services and serving as a property tax payment location for Ada County.  We were able to serve more than 2,700 people with these two new services alone.

We have also updated our website menu structure and search engine capabilities to help make it easier to find the information on our website.  When combined with bringing more e-government solutions online, it makes it easier to find forms and information online to do business with the city from the comfort of your home.


To connect further with our neighborhoods, we will continue doing Town Hall meetings, bringing the City beyond our walls.   This is in addition to our regular Coffee with the Mayor.  Both these events are designed to bring City leaders into neighborhoods or places of business, providing opportunities to speak with the Mayor, City Council, or one of our Department Directors.  Whether the discussion is about the City budget, upcoming road improvements, or other issues, reaching out to the citizens is essential to the process of building our community.


We will also continue to build upon our communication tools to keep residents informed, involved, and give them a voice by listening twice as much as we speak.