Charitable Climate


Volunteerism is a tradition in Meridian; as evidenced by enthusiastic volunteers that donated over 19,000 hours supporting City departments in 2014.  You also don’t need to look far for examples of the giving spirit of our community. 

Kiwanis Volunteers

A great example of the charity that exists in Meridian is the creation of the Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park.  This 60 acre park was a turn-key project where both the land and the improvements were donated by the property owner.  This park is dedicated to more passive and traditional park uses.  The enormity of this generous gift doesn’t end there, as part of the land donation was for the development of a Senior Center.  What a gift to our community, and valley, for our growing senior population!

The generous spirit of giving is also evident at the Boys & Girls Club.  They opened their doors in Meridian through a City partnership utilizing the former police department in 2002.  Within a few years, kids served reached 1,400 necessitating a new facility.  The club moved in 2009 to the former school district building on Meridian Road.  This has provided room to accommodate all kids that wish to attend.  Today, the numbers and the need, is greater than ever.  Numerous organizations and businesses helped with the remodel project and the move in; and the community has been generous towards the construction of a gymnasium.  We know the community will continue to be generous with this organization.

Cute Kids

Meridian facilities and programs have historically been recipients of community efforts; bringing parks, public safety facilities, community events, and assistance to those in need.  Truly, a premiere place to live, work and raise a family!