Safe Community

A safe community has many components.  These are places where people want to be; where they know their neighbors; where there is a connection to the community; and where they are safe.  We are pro-active in helping create an atmosphere where neighbors can meet neighbors, important in our efforts to be a premiere place to live.

Neighborhood with Fountains

Our focus will continue to be one of the safest cities in Idaho.  With safety as our first priority, it is important to know that Meridian continues to be one of the safest cities in Idaho.  In fact Meridian was named the safest city in Idaho by CQ Press.   

Meridian is taking an aggressive position regarding the illegal use of drugs and alcohol which can destroy communities; one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time.  Prevention programs such as the Mayor's Anti Drug Coalition (MADC) are an important part of being a safe community. This award Coalition, is made up of neighbors, places of worship, and businesses to form a strong partnership to prevent substance abuse.   Working with partners like PAL, the West Ada School District, and others, MADC will continue to 'fight for our families' working with our Coalition.

Our strategic 'rooting of crime' through our Impact Team, bicycle patrols, and working with citizens will continue.  In addition, we will use Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety, our crime analysis tool, to identify crime areas to address the cause not just react to the symptoms. These efforts along the Eagle Road corridor have produced a reduction in the numbers of serious crashes, as well as a decrease in DUI's, drug offenses, shoplifting and vandalism.  

Our Fire Department has taken the lead in Heartsafe Meridian, an initiate to increase the cardiac arrest survivability in our community.  By promoting early access to EMS, providing CPR education for City employees and citizens, facilitating access to AED's and continuing to expand and enhance Early Advance Care based on the American Heart Association's "Chain of Survival" we are striving to increase the cardiac arrest survival rate in Meridian.

Coffee with Mayor

Promoting events like National Night Out and Neighborhood Watch are an important part of our fire and police prevention programs.  Combined with our award winning citizen park patrol in Kleiner Park and public safety citizen academy, there are opportunities for neighbors to meet neighbors and citizens to meet citizens, people are brought together in Meridian.  Through these events citizens gather and learn; discuss concerns and seek solutions; or band together to watch out for their neighbor and keep their streets safe.