Meridian Road Interchange Task Force

The Meridian Road Interchange Task Force (TF) is comprised of Meridian residents, business owners/operators, transportation professionals, and civil servants that have an interest in a rebuilt Meridian Road Interchange. The TF's primary goal is to realize a new bridge structure (interchange) at I-84 and Meridian Road that meets the communities' needs. The TF essentially has three objectives: to educate and outreach to the public, business, chambers of commerce, and elected and appointed officials on the need for a new Interchange; to explore and support funding sources and partnerships for funding Interchange construction; and, to ensure that the Interchange's design meets the needs of the community, including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, commuters, businesses, etc. The TF generally meets the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm at City Hall.


2012-2013 Meridian Interchange Task Force Members

Charlie Rountree

David Case

Calvin Barrett

Matt Stoll

Julie Pipal

Mark Canfield

Pat Morandi

Steven Yearsley

Eric Exline

Clair Bowman

Brenda Sherwood

Caleb Hood

Robert Simison (Ex-Officio)


Task Force Resources:

January 10th Agenda

December 13th Agenda