Meridian Mayor's Anti-Drug Coalition


The Meridian Mayor's Anti-Drug Coalition (MADC) is a grass-roots volunteer organization initiated by the executive order of Mayor Tammy de Weerd in January 2004 in response to her concern about the rising rates of drug use in the Treasure Valley. Her determination to prevent substance abuse and unwavering support has enabled the coalition to flourish, expand, and build strong partnerships with likeminded organizations and individuals.

Respected for its ability to collaborate and partner with other organizations, the MADC has grown to a membership of over 40 committed individuals and organizations. These members represent many sectors of the community including parents, students, businesses, educators, law enforcement, city officials, community organizations, healthcare professionals, media, and leaders from the Meridian faith community. In addition, the MADC employs a part-time coordinator and a full-time project director.

Educating adults and youth about the harmful and costly direct and indirect effects of drug abuse has been a longstanding goal of the coalition. In addition, the MADC is confronting a complex set of factors that contribute to our youth abusing substances. Strategies targeting media messaging, social norms and attitudes, and the accessibility of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are being implemented. These interventions are consistently monitored and evaluated to determine their effectiveness, thereby allowing the MADC to sustain successful strategies and improve or replace those deemed less effective.

Excitement and enthusiasm abound as we plan for the future. Opportunities to serve our community are endless and the addition of federal funds will provide the MADC with the ability to make positive and lasting changes as well as refine and strengthen itself as a coalition. For now and for the future, the MADC is committed to Fighting for Our Families. Welcome! 

For Additional Information
To learn more about the Meridian Mayor s Anti-Drug Coalition, visit the coalition's webpage at  

You can also contact: 

Kendall Nagy, MADC Project Director

(208) 846-7313


Cheryl Mulvihill, Meridian Police Department

(208) 846-7395