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MYAC: NLC Mission Possible Thanks to Local Businesses

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When Mayor Tammy de Weerd became Mayor in January 2004, youth involvement was one of her top priorities. In Fall of 2004, she created the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC).

The MYAC is a dynamic group made up of students dedicated to serving their community.  Participants are students who are in grades 9 - 12 that attend one of Meridian's high schools or are home-schooled.

 its inception the MYAC has worked alongside local and national service organizations.  The MYAC's service projects are very diverse with each one making an impact in the community.  In 2008 the MYAC partnered with Habitat for Humanity and raised over $130,000 to build the first Habitat for Humanity house in Meridian, and the first in the state to be funded entirely by youth.  In 2009, due to MYAC's support, Meridian was selected as the launching point for the Idaho Meth Project Wave Two ad campaign.  2010 saw the MYAC involved with many service projects and issues including The Meridian Food Bank and were the driving force behind Meridian's anti texting ordinance. In 2010-11 MYAC was also active in the Idaho legislature lobbying Senators and Representatives on issues that impact area youth, hosting the world s first Ignite: Youth event and serve Meridian area seniors. MYAC organized and hosted the Treasure Valley Youth Summit in 2012 and continued their service to the community in supporting the Meridian Valley Humane Society.

More than a community service organization the MYAC instills leadership skills that participants will use their entire life.  MYAC members also have opportunities to plan and participate in a variety of projects, serve as members of various City commissions, committees, focus groups, and provide the Mayor information form a unique perspective.

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