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Meridian Parks and Recreation offers adult dodgeball leagues that begin the end of August and conclude with a post-season tournament over a weekend in October.  Teams gets 8 regular season matches, and all teams qualify for the post-season double-elimination tournament.  Matches are played Monday-Friday at Heritage Middle School.

Competitive and recreational divisions are offered in two different leagues: co-ed and open.  In co-ed dodgeball, teams must start each game with a minimum of 1 male player and 3 female players (up to 6 players).  In open dodgeball, teams may start each game with any combination of males and females.  Two officials are used for each match, and the balls are rubber-coated foam, National Amateur Dodgeball Association balls.  They do not hurt when hit with them, which makes the matches fun and safe for everyone.

If you're interested in receiving registration information for the next season when it becomes available, contact Meridian Parks and Recreation, at 888-3579, or and tell us your name and mailing address or e-mail address.  



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Under 18 Parent/Guardian Release Form
Call 888-3579 or e-mail to add your name to the free agent list.  Free agents still must sign your roster.  Please contact Meridian Parks and Recreation if you have added a free-agent so they can be removed from the list.