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Spring Softball

Meridian Parks and Recreation offers several divisions of softball starting in April for both co-ed and men's teams.  Registration is accepted on a team basis only and each participating team will be registered with the Amateur Softball Association.  If you would like to play, but don't have a team, we have a free-agent list which can be used by team managers to pick up additional players.  Contact Meridian Parks and Recreation, at 888-3579, to add your name to the free-agent list.



The spring season starts in April and concludes with a post-season double-elimination tournament in July.  Each team gets 10 regular season games and all teams qualify for the post-season tournament.  Games are played Monday-Friday at Storey Park, Bear Creek Park and Tully Park.  Players must be at least 16 years of age to participate and must have a parent/guardian fill out and sign a release form if under 18.


2017 Season
2017 Spring Softball Standings 

2017 Registration Form 

2017 Spring Softball League By-Laws   

2017 Softball Roster  


 Free Agent List 


  ASA Non Approved Bats List  
  Parent/Guardian Release Form(Must be filled out for players under 18)




*Call 888-3579 or to add your name to the free agent list.  Free agents must sign a team's official roster before playing in a game. Please notify Meridian Parks and Recreation if your team adds a free agent so they can be removed from the list.




























              2012 Spring Church League By-Laws