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Update (02/12/2016): The City of Meridian is in the process of revising its current Design Manual to provide more "express standards". This new Manual will be titled the City of Meridian Architectural Standards Manual. The intent of this effort is not to alter the direction or styles of buildings constructed in Meridian, but to improve Design Review by instilling greater clarity, confidence, and consistency in the application process. A draft of this new document is located here. City staff presented a formal application for approval to the Meridian City Council on December 15th, 2015, and are now awaiting a final resolution number.

The Architectural Standards Manual is an integral component of the City's design review process. Typically, design review occurs concurrently with other development applications. Projects that require Administrative Design Review (see Meridian City Code, Title 11, Chapter 5, Article B) should meet all requirements and follow supplied checklists below. For applicability, process, and other explanations of this process, see the Introduction (Page A-3) and How to Use this Document (page B-3) sections of the Architectural Standards Manual. Don't worry, they're only several pages and mostly graphics.

Draft Download:

City of Meridian Architectural Standards Manual | Full PDF

Application Checklist | Web link

Sub-category Standards Checklists

Sub-category checklists are based upon your type of structure (non-residential or residential) and your zoning district. For help identifying your sub-category, see the "How to Use This Document" on page B-3 of the Architectural Standards Manual.

Standards Checklist - Commercial | PDF

Standards Checklist - Traditional Neighborhoods | PDF

Standards Checklist - Industrial | PDF

Standards Checklist - Multifamily | PDF

Standards Checklist - Singlefamily | PDF



DRAFT Comparison, Non-Residential Standards | PDF

DRAFT Comparison, Residential Standards | PDF

DRAFT Removed Guidelines from previous Design Manual | PDF



City Council has adopted the original City of Meridian Design Manual (Resolution No. 09-647), a new administrative Design Review process, and UDC amendments (Ordinance No. 09-1394).  The Design Manual and Design Review Process took effect on February 4, 2009.

Click on the links below to download the Design Manual or application checklists.


Adopted Download:

City of Meridian Design Manual

Download, Components:

Cover, Table of Contents, & Introduction Material | PDF

Section A. Development Context & Character  | PDF

Section B. Design Guidelines for Urban Developments  | PDF

Section C. Design Guidelines for Urban/Suburban Developments | PDF

Section D. Design Guidelines for Suburban Developments | PDF

Section E. Design Guidelines for Residential Developments | PDF

Appendix: Terms & Definitions | PDF

Design Review Checklists:

Administrative Design Review Checklist

Compliance with the Design Manual for:

B.Urban Design Guidelines 

C.Urban/Suburban Design Guidelines

D.Suburban Design Guidelines

E. Residential Design Guidelines