Animal Control and Licensing

Animal Control

The Idaho Humane Society is responsible for ALL animal control services in Meridian.

For more information, visit 

Or Call (208) 342-3508

Or stop by 4775 W. Dorman St. in Boise, ID


The Meridian Valley Humane Society is a canine rescue that can only accept relinquished dogs. For more information,  click here or call 208-794-0944.


Meridian City Dog Licensing 2015

Meridian City Code 6-2-3 requires that all dog owners within the city obtain a license for their dogs.  The license must be renewed yearly. The 2015 dog licenses are now available for you to purchase for your dog.  Dogs living within the City of Meridian that are over 6-months old must be licensed each calander year.  Dog licensing ensures that dogs living within the City are rabies vaccinated and also enable Animal Control Officers to reunite dogs with their owners in a timely manner if they are found loose.


The items you will need to obtain your dog's license are:

Proof of rabies vaccination with a copy of a shot record and/or reciept from the veterinarian.

Proof of spay/neuter (if applicable) with a copy of a receipt for the procedure and/or documentation from a veterinarian.

Check, cash or money order for the appropriate amount.

License Fees Per Dog:
$16.00 - Spay or Neutered (must include proof)

$21.00 - Non-Spay or Non-Neutered


In an effort to make it as convenient as possible to buy a license, we have several location options for license purchasing or you can click here to print out a form to order your dog tags through the mail. 

City Dog Licenses can be purchased at:


Meridian Police Department         Meridian City Hall Clerks Office

1401 E. Watertower St.                   33 E. Broadway Ave

Meridian, Idaho 83642                   Meridian, Idaho 83642

208-846-7300                              208-888-4433

Pet Care Clinic                               Meridian Vet. Clinic

1151 E. Fairview Ave.                      415 W. Frankin Rd.

Meridian, Idaho  83642                   Meridian, Idaho  83642

208-887-2200                                208-888-3444

Treasure Valley Veterinary            Idaho Humane Society    

2600 S. Meridian Rd.                       4775 Dorman St.

Meridian, Idaho 83642                    Boise, ID  83705

208-888-4844                               208-342-3508

Intermountain Pet Hospital           Settlers Park Vet. Hospital

800 W. Overland Rd.                        3220 N. Meridian Rd.

Meridian, ID 83642                          Meridian, ID  83646

208-888-2910                                208-855-9500

Sunnyside Animal Hospital            Linder Pet Medical

5100 Star Rd.                                   1785 W. Cherry Ln.

Meridian, ID 83646                          Meridian, ID  83646

208-286-9222                                208-855-0400

The Pet Doctor

8904 Ardene St.

Boise, ID  83709


Thank you for helping us better serve our city’s pet population.  If you have any questions please call the Meridian Police Department at 888-6678.