Public Works Contact Information


Where is the Public Works Department Located?

Location map of City Hall

The Meridian Public Works Department is located inside Meridian City Hall, 33 E. Broadway Ave., on the 2nd Floor, Suite 200 and 204


Administration Division

Director of Public Works

Mike Pepin
Public Works Deputy Director

Susie Deardorff
Administrative Division Manager

Diana Russell
Administrative Assistant I

Melanie Hoyt
Administrative Assistant I

Connie Moon
Administrative Assistant I  

Business Operations Division

John McCormick 
Business Operations Manager

David Miles
Management Analyst

Alexander Freitag
Utility Analyst

Katey Jones
GIS Analyst

Matthew Hoffman
GIS Technician

Kathi Buttars  
Asset Program Manager

Jackie McCloughan
Asset Management Analyst

Debra Trevaskis 
Inventory Specialist

Administrative Assistant I

Engineering Division

Warren Stewart, PE
Engineering Manager

Clint Dolsby, PE
Assistant City Engineer

Kyle Radek, PE
Assistant City Engineer

Staff Engineer II
 City of Meridian 

Emily Skoro, PE
Staff Engineer II  

Garrick Nelson
Staff Engineer  

Staff Engineer II 

Austin Petersen
Transportation & Utility Coordinator  

Brent Blake
Engineering Project Manager  

Jared Hale 
Engineering Project Manager

Dean Stacey
Engineering Project Manager  

Capital Projects and Facilities Division

Max Jensen
Capital Projects Manager

Eric Jensen
Building Maintenance Technician

John Sweeney
Building Maintenance Worker

 Inspection Division

Clint Worthington, PE
Inspection Services Manager

Glen Petty
Public Works Inspector III

Murray Jones
Public Works Inspector II

Brad Standley
Public Works Inspector II

Patrick Cotten
Public Works Inspector II

Brent Arte
Public Works Inspector I 


Steve Lombard
PW Education & Outreach Specialist

Tom Herbert 
Environmental Programs Coordinator